Bruce & Walker: Powerlite Salmon Fly Rods  


All Powerlite salmon rods have a 27 inch all cork handle, saltwater resistant black anodised screw winch fitting, woven carbon insert, end cap and rubber button, hard chrome snake rings, two lined butt rings.  Finished in a deep burgundy matt, with burgundy whippings and gold trimmings. All whippings are varnished and contrast well with the matt finish.

Powerlite Speycaster 12' 4 # 8 - 9
An excellent all round rod for summer Salmon and Grilse. Light enough to fish all day and night. Delightful overhead caster, tested by our team of fishermen and ghillies worldwide. A rod you will not want to put down.

Powerlite Speycaster 13' # 8 - 10
This rod is a dream to use; as tested by Swerre Scheen of Norway. Ness fishermen and specialist speycasters John Hamilton and Graham MacKenzie, of Inverness Angling Club, both achieved a single Spey cast of 35 yards across the wind on the Ness in extremely adverse weather conditions. This is probably the rod that will surprise most people by its amazing casting capabilities

Powerlite Speycaster 14' # 9 - 10
It has such an easy through action but still with the crispness to punch a line out a long way. This was the rod that landed the 271b fish on the Ness. It's the rod that will suit everyone from expert casters to Mr Average, and makes light of all casting, be it short, long, or extra-long spey casting.

Powerlite Speycaster 14' # 7 - 10
A softer action rod but still ideally suited for placing the fly to the other side of the river. A beautiful Spey casting rod with enormous versatility. Will fish down to a 7 DT line, but works at its supreme best with a 9DT

Powerlite Speycaster 15' # 7 - 9
A specialist rod for salmon/sea grilse. A rod you can fish extremely light for summer conditions, low water and lakes but will still cast and reach fish 30-35 yards away. Robert, a ghillie on the Tulchan was more than surprised at casting a single Spey 31 yards within 20 minutes of using this rod for the first time.

Powerlite Speycaster 15' # 10
All round rod for Spring through to Autumn, fast sink line and tube flies create no problems, a must if you want a 15' rod with feeling down to the fingers. Rory Harkin of Dublin says after testing it, that it is his favourite all rounder salmon rod. This is the perfect rod for salmon fishing anywhere.

Powerlite Speycaster 15' # 11
This is for the person who wants a rod to do everything equally well. Fast sink lines and heavy tubeflies, floating, intermediate will cast with ease, letting the rod do the work. Brian Milne and Sam Bremner say that they did not think that there could be a better rod than the 15' and 16' Merlin, but they have now changed their minds after tests. Geoff Robinson of Fawcett's of Lancaster says, 'this rod will cast further and easier both into the wind and across it than any other rod that I've used'.

Powerlite Speycaster 16' # 9 - 10
An easy through action rod. Afirm favourite of the larger rivers where that little bit of extra power might be needed.

Powerlite Speycaster 16' # 11
Our new big river Autumn rod has been made lighter and easier to cast than ever before. Ian Gordon, of Lower Pit Croy and Sam Bremner of Wester Elchies say that it "casts into the wind and fishes with power and lightness and feeling all the way through to the butt".

Powerlite Speycaster Tay 18' # 11
A "giant" rod - does anyone really need an 18' rod these days when a 15' or 16' rod will cover even the widest rivers?! Well, it would seem so! This must be one of the most powerful rods on the market today. Immense reserves of power uncoil as you cast a long line with this rod. Use it if you dare!

Powerlite Speycaster:  

Length Line Rating Sections Retail Our Price
113 #7-9 3 490 368
124 #8-9# 3 660 495
13 #8-10 3 670 503
14 #7-10 3 684 513
14 #9-10 3 684 513
15 #7-9 3 693 520
15 #10 3 693 520
15 #11 3 693 520
16 #9-10 3 747 560
16 #11 3 747 560
18 #10-11 3 782 587



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