Old Florida fly reels:


They have very high-quality drags and many features "borrowed" from Abel Reels.

  • Precision Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock resulting in a light reel of uncompromised strength
  • Polished to a mirror finish and
  • Hard Anodized
  • Three stainless steel ball bearings ensures the spool runs true to the housing with low starting inertia
  • Oversized Cork Drag capable of infinite settings
  • Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in U.S.A.
  • Draw bar cork disk drag.

They have a very high-quality, cork disk-drag system, not unlike that in an Abel or Tibor. The drags feature infinite settings and low inertia to protect the finest tippet. These reels, in any size, are capable of being readily used in fresh or saltwater. These full-frame reels are designed for maximum backing capacity, and are corrosion resistant and sturdy enough for any environment.

The Old Florida Reels are simpler by design with only 21 parts which are individually machined from bar stock aluminum and stainless steel. Compare and you'll find that

  • no reel is stronger 
  • no reel is a greater value

3x Interchangeability

Three Interchangeable Arbor sizes
Old Florida fly reels are available in 3 arbor sizes: Super, Large and Standard.

Super arbors: Faster line retrieval, lower start-up inertia, less line memory (coil)
Large Arbor: Intermediate line retrieval rate, low start up inertia, intermediate line memory.
Standard Arbor: Lower retrieval rate, lower start-up inertia, more defined line memory.

3X Interchangeability

All Old Florida fly reels feature full interchangeability with Stand Arbor, Large Arbor, and Super Arbor spools on the same housings. That means that one reel with two spools in different arbors can cover 6 line weights or more. For example, a No. 4 Standard Arbor with No.44 and No. 4SA replacement spools will allow you to use it on your 4-weight rod with the Super Arbor up to a 9-weight rod with a Standard arbor.

Getting the most out of Large and Super Arbors

When choosing an arbor size, keep in mind that in order to benefit from super and large arbor characteristics one needs to increase the reel size (outside diameter) compared to a standard arbor. If you do not increase reel size, all you are doing is sacrificing backing capacity. For example, when looking for an 8-weight reel, you will need to compare a No.4 Standard Arbor with the No.55 Large Arbor and the No.6SA Super Arbor in order to increase outside diameter without decreasing backing capacity.

Price List: (For International Customers please contact us for a price in your local currency.)


Model: Standard Arbor   Model: Large Arbor  Model: Super Arbor
standard arbor large arbor super-arbor



Retail Price

Sale Price

Spool Price

No. 4

WF8 + 225 YDS




No. 5

WF10 + 250 YDS




No. 6

WF12 + 275 YDS




No. 7

WF12 + 350 YDS










WF6 + 120 YDS





WF7 + 275 YDS





WF10 + 225 YDS





WF12 + 300 YDS










WF6 + 130 YDS





WF8 + 175 YDS





WF9 + 175 YDS





WF9 + 275 YDS






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